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Hambridge Ron © 2004


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Some time ago a Great-Notion struck my head
And swished away leaving me for dead
Was it something wrong I did or said?
I still find it quite hard to belief
The damage done in time so brief
And sometimes doubt if it justifies my grief
Would I waste your time when I mention
They had forced me into detention
And kept a frightening quiet about their intention?
Yes, the Great-Notion is called the State
Essentially made of controlled hate
Arrogating the right to decide my fate
My head reels, I am hurt
Around me too many visitors spurt
Other Great-Notions against the stateís Word
And I hardly get to explain
That it would only deepen the pain
If a Notionís tool I would remain
Let me go and let me stay
Let me work and let me play
Is what It wants to take away
It wants to rob me of my people and places
It wants to take my times and spaces
It wants to blot out my loved onesí faces
It outrages me to have to confess
That in part it already had success
In making me feel somehow less
Oppose and expose it - that Iíll do
But what I really need from you
Is help with feeling whole and safe anew
Some time ago a Great-Notion struck my head
I stared it down and then I said
Unlike you I still have the friends I had
Together we will end your wrong
Theyíll make me happy, brave and strong
And mark with love where I belong
You may have the power grand
But whatever you have planned
I will fight for my homeland
Youíll lose your hated hold on me
And my people shall be free
And end your grasp on our territory.




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