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Trevor Landers © 2003


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Is the unutterable truly able
    to be spoken, will your recoil into a labyrinth of inarticularity
         seasoning the conversation with spicy banalities
            --comfort lying in your wallet--
     ah, but will the waves of capital, whirling and unrelentingly oppressive
          wash you, leave on the rocks of ineffability
    which you launch into carousing speeches about your insuperability
       or instead, pretend to be an island
              in a sea of ambivalence, exhuming the corpses of dead Marxists
              will the strands of your much vaunted invincibility be dumped ashore
                  like seaweed and twigs, after a storm.
Perhaps you will inveigle us with stories of heroics and Herculean feats
                    dazzle us with triumph over adversities
               or peddle your political indomitability like a balloon seller on the pie
                      ah yes, the common weal of humanity embraces you smugly
                               and by cynicism, metaphysical bereftness,
                                       there are condemnations of what is Left.




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