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Alasdair Campbell © 2003


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After five years of publication in cyberspace, the time has come for a thoroughgoing Third Way Modernisation of the Turtle.

This will include the following elements:

1) Stakeholder of the Month

[The people's award for excellence in public-private partnership]

2) The Sayings of Mr. Giddens

[A randomised selection of proverbs from the profoundest philosopher of the radical centre, eg. "the democratisation of democracy", etc.]

3) New sentences. No verbs.

4) Briefing certain subscribers, off the record, and discreetly you understand, that certain other members of the Turtle Collective are emotionally flawed, incompetent and/or not to be trusted.

5) Tough on argument, tough on the causes of argument.

We believe that these five promises would be easy to meet, and would fit nicely onto a wallet-fit pledge card (assuming that the literature, poetry and review sections were axed -- that is, put out to best value tender).

The changes should be agreed by a panel of special advisers and then simply imposed.




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