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your sanctimony

mr. rushdie.

nouveau converts to the imperial cause try

to rationalize unjustness by couching it in terms designed to make it more

palatable to the unthinking mass.

you should be ashamed of yourself. i am.

of you.

go back and read some of the things you wrote immediately after september

11. [sonnets] for the emperor, hymns for your new land.

reeking of self preservation,

you were amongst the first of all american intellectuals to

condemn the people of the world so wronged for so long. you cowered while

the american public raged against arabs and muslims, publishing article

after article distancing yourself from "those people" who were not american,

who did not hold with america,

when the red white and blue had not even

fully dried, the flag you wore so suddenly so proudly and the way you had it

written on your body to the abandonment and dissolution of any and all

previously held belief.

"fury" was crap too.

the way you bathed yourself in your

sudden acceptance into the realm of the powerful. how quick you were to

build your allegiances with the most powerful nation on earth.

who can take you seriously now?

who will ever believe anything you say?

the only question facing you now should be,

what does a writer do when he has lost his integrity?

in short

fuck you

why oh why can't you start writing for vanity fair as well so that i can not

read you and mr. hitchens at the same time? why the fuck, in short, must i

expend so much energy in trying to avoid the shit you spew out

sporadically and without warning?


augh! augh! augh! augh!




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