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Femi Aborisade © 2002


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On Monday, 9 December 2002 between 5.55pm and 6.09pm, I was brutalized by some armed aides of President Obasanjo at the Mobil Petrol Station, just before the Toll Gate on the Ibadan - Lagos Expressway while I was about filling my tank. I was heading for Lagos from Ibadan. With me were Mrs. Nike Williams, a family friend, and Mr. Ogunjobi.

The petrol attendant was already opening my tank when suddenly two long black Mercedes Benz cars were driven recklessly into the petrol station. The petrol attendant was asked to stop selling fuel to me.

Before I could even ask them the reason for their rude behaviour, one of them who apparently recognized me, retorted:

"We would eliminate you. You were the same person abusing our President on a Television programme two days ago."

This was followed by a barrage of attacks from a combination of uniformed and non-uniformed heavily armed men of the regular police, mobile unit and secret security agencies.

During the attack, one of them held me by my trousers (which they finally tore), tucked his shotgun by my side, until people exclaimed.

With the threat to eliminate me becoming real, I shouted to the lady in my car (Mrs. Nike Williams) to quickly phone and inform Chief Gani Fawehinmi before I was killed. They pounced on her, snatched the GSM handset she was holding and broke the antenna, so as to render it non-functional. They threatened to kill her if she made any effort to get out of the car or make any phone call. All this happened after they had beaten the petrol attendant to submission and filled their tanks.

On recognizing the fact that their brutality had drawn the attention of many people, they deflated the tyres of my vehicle and took down the registration number of the car. They finally left with the reminder that I would not witness the next general elections at whatever costs, that I might call press conferences and contact thousands of Fawehinmis.

"We will eliminate you all and nothing will happen", they said with relish.

Though I was physically attacked and threatened to be eliminated, I will not give up until we win the final victory to enthrone a true democratic government, abolish the grinding poverty bedevilling the masses and ensure that the rule of law is not substituted for the rule of one man.

What happened to me on Monday, 9 December 2002 should not be seen as a personal tragedy. It is a signal to what political opponents of President Obasanjo should expect in the days ahead. It is sad that in our so called democracy, critical comments made in the media on government performance by leaders of opposition political parties are considered grounds for political harassment and threats of elimination.

Our emergent democracy is threatened by Obasanjo's politics of perpetuation in power. They could not succeed in preventing the participation of NCP in electoral politics with our victory at the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court. Now the plan is to begin to physically eliminate us using premeditated set ups.

Whatever happens to me or members of my family, President Obasanjo and his aides should be held responsible.

FEMI ABORISADE Nat. Gen. Secretary, NCP




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