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Trevor Landers © 2002


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        There they run, the economic rationalists, a weak untenable paradigm
             in a leather briefcase, skulking about, pinstriped and hideous
                 stalking the academic hallways, all spectral and
                      desecration intent, hawking the half-baked bread of unleavened ideas
                            that will never rise; their interest is dough.

            In the Vice-Chancellor's plush office, see the silhouette stalkers,
                  snatching shillings, pinching pennies, mouthing elegiac mistruths
        yes, the indebtedness reapers thieving tomorrow's new dawns
                embezzling 'the knowledge economy',
                   and academe all but the golden arches and french fries,
     wither, wither the University as critic and conscience, wither ?

                    The students, voices plangent; we are speaking, no one listening
      the roundtablers, they will lipsynch the lies to their children
         rewriting history with banal slogans and the asinine mantras
                 of "change management"
         something immemorable for anyone prizing education
          so they chant, chant, chant the mantras to convince themselves
              & they will not undermine our values, daily, we will assiduously resist !




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