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Vitalii Trukhan and Caroline Brooke © 1978, 1998


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(written by Vitalii Trukhan, 1978, and translated by Caroline Brooke, 1998)

This somewhat stirring lyric was sent to Leonid Brezhnev by a dedicated Soviet worker, Vitalii Trukhan, from Rostov on Don. After the General Secretary had been awarded the Order of Victory in 1978, Trukhan said that he wished to express his feelings on this occasion in verse.

We believe that this is the first translation of Trukhan's work to appear in English. Although this rendering is quite literal, the original contained rhymes, and if any Turtle reader would like to attempt to produce a more poetic version, we would be happy to publish the results.

For more information on the various awards Mr. Brezhnev collected during his term of office, click here.

We are all Communists!
Brezhnev is our hero!
Party! To a man
We are behind you.

We quarry the mountains,
Build bridges.
You will not find better bridgeheads
Than BAM (the Baikal-Amur railway).

We lay roads
Across our native land.
In order to protect the world
From bad people.

So that there will not be
Any more wars in the world,
And the blast furnaces will burn
For the good of the country!

We go as before
At the leader's call
L. I. Brezhnev stands
Confidently at the wheel.

He is helped
Everywhere and always
By our Party
Of heroes of labour.

Our friends
Remember that
The stronger the Union
The more prosperously we will live.

Thank you, Leonid Ilich
For happiness and labour.
You lay
The path to Communism!

Raise up
The Banner of October
And Leonid Ilich Brezhnev
Stands reliably at the wheel.

[From Istochnik, 1993, 0, pp. 83-4.]




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