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Diane di Prima © 1971


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Let's talk about splitting, splitting is an art
frequently called upon in revolution
retreat, says the I Ching, must not be confused
with flight, and furthermore, frequently it furthers

i.e., know in advance
the persons/place you can go to,
means to get there
keep money (cash) in house for travelling
an extra set of i.d., Robert Williams
was warned by his own TV set when the Man
was coming for him,
he had his loot at home, his wife and kids
all crossed the country with him, into CANADA
and on to CUBA

it's a good idea
to have good, working transportation 'wheels', one friend
has two weeks stashed in his VW bus
food, water, matches, clothing, blankets, gas, he can go
at least that long, before he hits a town, can leave
at any time
something to think about . . .



The Voice of the Turtle is very grateful to Diane di Prima for her permission to reprint this selection of five of her Revolutionary Letters. The others in this seqeunce are One, Nine, Twenty Six and Forty Nine.




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