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Trevor Landers © 2002


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 Wearing your cadre's cap
         & resting your rickety bicycle
     le autre Arc de Triomphe, Laos
       those unpainted, plaintive lips, fluttering laughter
   tell me about the American missiles, the forgotten war
         & "free" market reform
              tell us of
                the bullets of laughter, lodged in every crevasse
                       the days and nights when the sky drizzled ordnance
         the shell cases as garden ornaments
              and I, the third New Zealander ever to visit
                the Kaysonne Phomvihanne Revolutionary Museum,
                     photographs of the dead and limbless
                        in the name of RobertMcNamara and "freedom"
           & even inside the temple, outside old Vientiane
                  still Uncle Ho's presides a watchful eye
         over timeless Buddha, with his evanescent smile.




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