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P. J. McMahon © 2000


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I Never Met Jim Callaghan
Although he reminds me
Of childhood
What Crisis?
Benny Hill
(The food, the TV show)
The Wrestling
Giant Haystacks!
B&H and Major
And World of Sport
Dickie Davies
Brian Talbot
Graham Rix
Pat Jennings
Alan Sunderland
Those other men.
But I digress.
Jim Callaghan
I remember
Like our Austin Allegro
And my tricycle.
Miss World pageants.
Thames TV – and that noise:
Dur dur, dur, dur dur dur duurrrgh
And Sale of the Century
And Chorlton
And the Wheelies
And News at 1 with Peter Sissons
And Ryvita
I Have Never Met Jim Callaghan
And sometimes it’s hard to believe
That anyone ever did
But of course, of course,
They did.




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