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The Turtle has long been concerned with the education of our junior comrades. Disappointed with the bourgeois drivel that passes for children's fiction these days, a Turtle Collective has formed to combat the indoctrination of our youth with a series of heartwarming tales involving a bear, his best friend Christopher Robin, and socialism with Chinese characteristics.


Chapter 1 - "All reactionaries are paper tigers"

In which Pooh discovers the dual nature of his best friend Tigger

Chapter 2 - "One country, four paws"

In which Pooh discovers Three Acre Wood and is only temporarily deceived by the Running Dogs of Capitalism

Chapter 3 - "Paper Tigers and People's Kangaroos"

In which a bear of very little brain discovers that one family, one child really is best

Chapter 4- "Why Trees Are Better Than Flowers in the Courtyard"

In which Winnie-the-Pooh develops popular forest management techniques

Chapter 5- "Running Dogs and the Revolutionary Guard"

In which One Hundred Acre Wood’s Central Committee undergoes a democratic regime change

Chapter 6- "Where the Woozle possibly Wasn't"

In which One Hundred Acre Wood may or may not have been threatened by a mystery virus

Chapter 7- "Higher Purposes"

In which Eeyore throws a stick into the air so high that it does not come down for a while




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