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The Poems
Corporatisation in New ZealandTrevor LandersApril 2005
How I Became A CommunistHoward TesslerJanuary 2005
PiecesHambridge RonSeptember 2004
The Metaphysical Labour of SexManuel YangSeptember 2004
Mao of Pooja: A CommentaryJohn ManoochehriMay 2004
The Mao of PoojaJohn ManoochehriApril 2004
An Exile May SingHambridge RonMarch 2004
They Fuck You Up With Social CapBen FineJanuary 2004
Hear Our MessageNick TurseOctober 2003
At Karen's Funeral at Old St Pauls, Wellington, 30 January 2003Trevor LandersAugust 2003
Thinking Too Much, Too Deeply, is Hazardous to your HealthTrevor LandersAugust 2003
Historic Logic of SuburiManuel YangAugust 2003
Don't Look BackManuel YangAugust 2003
War Communism, Oct 4, 2002Manuel YangAugust 2003
Find My MessageNick TurseAugust 2003
Shouting at the NewsSophie WoolleyFebruary 2003
My Boyfriend's Parents Went To ChinaPaul DundonJanuary 2003
Socialism Romanian StyleTrevor LandersJanuary 2003
Salaam to SalmanYasser FoolJanuary 2003
Postcolonial Conversation with a SubalternTrevor LandersOctober 2002
Tokyo TranceTrevor LandersOctober 2002
I thought I could make a parcel of missing youOctober 2002
15 inglorious years of Corporatisation in New Zealand and the McDonaldisation of tertiary educationTrevor LandersOctober 2002
The Economics of LoveTrevor Landers and Cristina GaleataOctober 2002
Vientiane People's SongTrevor LandersJuly 2002
Rite de Passage - Kabul 2002Trevor LandersJune 2002
Our Society is Too ConformistTrevor LandersMay 2002
Socialist LaundryTrevor LandersApril 2002
Anti-Multinational Hypertext PoemTrevor LandersApril 2002
ThemTerry CantwellApril 2002
The Tragedy of Romanian Railway Stations IITrevor LandersMarch 2002
Somebody Gave Me a DogPhilip KaneSeptember 2001
On Meeting Third-Way IntellectualsP. J. McMahonJuly 2001
The Power Behind The ThroneArt ToynbeeMay 2001
The First Time I Ever Saw John SmithP. J. McMahonOctober 2000
I Have Seen Tony BlairP. J. McMahonOctober 2000
The First Time I Ever Saw Michael FootP. J. McMahonOctober 2000
I Never Saw Jim CallaghanP. J. McMahonOctober 2000
And the Other Labour Leaders?P. J. McMahonOctober 2000
Revolutionary Letter #1Diane di PrimaJune 2000
Revolutionary Letter #9Diane di PrimaJune 2000
Revolutionary Letter #18Diane di PrimaJune 2000
Revolutionary Letter #26Diane di PrimaJune 2000
Revolutionary Letter #49Diane di PrimaJune 2000
Dream Diary of an InsomniacMalinda SeneviratneApril 2000
Sitting DownGamini SeneviratneMarch 2000
Mumia Abu-JamalMalinda SeneviratneNovember 1999
The First Time I Ever Saw KinnockP. J. McMahonOctober 1999
Reflections on a Lost ElectionMalinda SeneviratneOctober 1999
The Fridge Poetry of the TurtleMichaele FergusonNovember 1998
Leonid Brezhnev, You Are Always With Us!Vitalii Trukhan and Caroline BrookeOctober 1998



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