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The Turtle's first full calendar year on the web is commemorated on this page. Beginning with the Great Leap Forwards of February, which gave the Turtle its present design, 1999 was a year of inexorable progress. The Stakhanovite of the Month Hall of Fame was inauguarated; the Reviews of the Turtle began to appear, as did The Turtle Salutes...!; the Dictionary continued to expand; and ten Bulletins were sent out to our growing flock of subscribers from all around the world. Avanti popolo!

The Articles
Pinochet: The Politics of Torture - An InterviewJames MurphyDecember 1999
Who's Afraid of the PGA?Raj PatelNovember 1999
A Letter from Cape TownSim YarrowNovember 1999
Reflections on the Recent Elections in AustriaDave RentonOctober 1999
What a Load of Shit: Various Frenchmen and the Self in Beckett's TrilogyJonathan WilsonAugust 1999
Modern or Postmodern? Habermas or Lyotard? EitherOr, andor Both/And?Peter LoweJuly 1999
A Letter from HarareRaj PatelJuly 1999
A Tale of Four WarsSasha AbramskyJune 1999
Liberated Continent? The South African Elections of 1999Dave RentonJune 1999
The Man Who Would Be President, 1968, or How a Monk Took on the American Dom SandbrookMay 1999
We Know Him! We Believe Him!Caroline BrookeApril 1999
On Living in a Golden Age of BiographyJames ThompsonFebruary 1999
Dickens' Dick: Freud and Fractured SelfhoodJonathan WilsonJanuary 1999
The Book Reviews of The Turtle
Suffragette CityCathy HumeAutumn Books Special
Fascism: Theory and PracticeChris BrookeAutumn Books Special
The Economic HorrorHowie ReedAutumn Books Special
The Boys from the County CorkMarc MulhollandAutumn Books Special
An Equal MusicPeter LoweAutumn Books Special
The Symposium of the Turtle - Seeing Like a StateChris BrookeAutumn Books Special
The Symposium of the Turtle: Seeing Like a StateAnne RademacherAutumn Books Special
The Symposium of the Turtle: Seeing Like a StateCaroline BrookeAutumn Books Special
The Symposium of the Turtle: Seeing Like a StateBrian GlennAutumn Books Special
St AugustineSummer Books Special
The Russian RevolutionDave RentonSummer Books Special
Puskas on Puskas: The Life and Times of a Footballing LegendJonathan WilsonSummer Books Special
The TesseractJonathan WilsonSummer Books Special
Two Concepts of Quentin SkinnerJon WilsonSummer Books Special
Bruce ChatwinPeter LoweSummer Books Special
Nervous ConditionsRaj PatelSummer Books Special
A Brief History of KosovoChris BrookeJune 1999
Anderson CountryChris BrookeMarch 1999
Italy, Europe, the LeftChris BrookeFebruary 1999
HubrisChris BrookeFebruary 1999
This Blessed PlotChris BrookeFebruary 1999
The Salutes
The Turtle Salutes the Seattle Protestors against the WTO! December 1999
The Turtle Salutes the School of the Americas Watch! November 1999
The Turtle Salutes the People of East Timor! October 1999
The Turtle Salutes The People's Global Action Against "Free" Trade And The WTO! September 1999
The Turtle Salutes KPFA Radio! August 1999
The Poems
Mumia Abu-JamalMalinda SeneviratneNovember 1999
The First Time I Ever Saw KinnockP. J. McMahonOctober 1999
Reflections on a Lost ElectionMalinda SeneviratneOctober 1999
The Bits and Pieces
The Manifesto of the Communist Party! Marx and Engels' classic call to arms from 1848 lives again in Glorious Turtle Format. Read it. Read it again. Commit significant portions of the text to memory. Then go out and build a barricade.



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