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This page records the earliest Forays of the Turtle into cyberspace. In March 1998, the Turtle was awoken from extremely dogmatic slumbers; in the Summer our initial Manifesto was in orbit; by Autumn the site began to take determinate shape, with the launch of the Dictionary of the Turtle and the regular Monthly Missives. A Pinochet Page was briefly published in December, then discontinued; and although the "Bolshevik Soundbite of the Week" no longer graces the front page, the best of them are now lovingly preserved in the Turtle's Adage Archive, for use in the Permanent Revolutionary Slogan Generator.

The Articles
Asian Financial Crisis: The MovieWalden BelloDecember 1998
An Intellectual Left?Dave RentonNovember 1998
A Very Uncivil SocietyArash AbizadehOctober 1998
Copyright and the Internet: All Rights ReservedSteve PughAugust 1998
Not Suckered but SeducedRaj PatelJuly 1998
New Forms: Pelé, The M25 and Artistic (Post) ModernismMartin O'NeillJuly 1998
What Shall We Tell the Children?Caroline BrookeJune 1998
Letter from AmericaSasha AbramskyMay 1998
New Britain Revisited: The Democratic Renewal of the United KingdomMartin MeenaghApril 1998
The Book Reviews of The Turtle
On John Laughland's The Tainted Source: A Review and a PolemicChris BrookeAugust 1998
The Poems
The Fridge Poetry of the TurtleMichaele FergusonNovember 1998
Leonid Brezhnev, You Are Always With Us!Vitalii Trukhan and Caroline BrookeOctober 1998
The Bits and Pieces

Antebellum Parasexuality:The Early Years. The now notorious American Studies email discussion forum from May 1998 has found its archival resting place. Et lux perpetua luceat eis.

Two puzzles proved popular in 1998: the Wordsearch of the Turtle, and a Communism-themed Logic Problem.

And the Turtle issued the intial Monthly Bulletins in October, November and December 1998.




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