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Trinty Term 1993

Avanti Popolo!


Welcome to the second issue of Voice of the Turtle. Thanks to everyone who bought a copy of the first issue, and made me happy by saying nice things about it. I'm glad to say that articles have been pouring in and this issue is longer than the last. We sold fifty without effort last term, so I have doubled the print run.

Summer weather isn't conducive to the red hear of popular revolt, but the Left in Oxford hasn't been completely dead this term. The University Left Forum had a great launch and is still well; the Tories were thrashed in the local elections and a Green won St Clement's ward; OUSU frightened John Patten away from Magdalen; Rosa Luxemburg won the tortoise cuppers; the Fabians have had an average attendance at their meetings that is higher than their total membership; Balliol Left Caucus has sold 100 Lenin T-Shirts.

I am a lousy editor, so I owe a lot of thanks: to everyone who wrote, everyone who bought a copy of the first issue, everyone who made constructive criticism, to Oliver Pooley for drawing cartoons, and Ben Peers for drawing us a logo which will be in use next term, to Chris Brooke for staying up very late at night, selling lots of copies and twisting the arms of potential contributors.

Once again, I'd really appreciate feedback, requests, suggestions and articles. This issue is closer to the style of what I want to produce than the last, but there are still grave weaknesses. Again, I offer a plea: if you don't like it, please write something better rather than cynically dismissing it. Another issue will be out at the start of next term. Send any copy to me at Balliol or, over the summer, to 18 Trafalgar Way, Stockbridge, Hampshire.

Ben Fender.


What's In A Word? (Sasha Abramsky)

A Reply: Retaking Society (David Renton)

A Blunt, Abusive & Probably Libellous Reply to the Reply (Sasha Abramsky)

Equality and Socialism: Rescuing the Debate (Howie Reed)

Mr Patten's English Test (John Armstrong)

The Case for Coal (David Walker)

Crime and Punishment (Luke "Rasputin" Purshouse)

Labour Clubbed (Ben Dalby)

The New Left, the New Times, and the Strange Silence of Mr Smith (Pete Sarris)

"Interview" with Winston Churchill

Alan Clark, Class Enemy (Chris Brooke)

Song: Red Fly the Banners O! (The Song of the Balliol Left Caucus)






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