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Michaelmas Term 1993


The Turtle is in full-throated song once more. This is the biggest issue ever, some eight pages longer than the first. A hundred copies of the last one vanished at the end of last term, which is the way to make an editor smile. Thanks to everyone who read one, and to those who said constructive things about it. I'm aiming for another issue in eighth week, so please flood me with articles in the next fortnight.

November is the season of revolution, when mists and mellow fruitfulness give way to barricades and the smell of burning rubber. As ever the Left in Oxford has been in the vanguard. Seven buses gallantly went to London to demonstrate our Unity, and some footling squabbling in the Oxford Student proved that we didn't have any. Mrs Thatcher cam to the Sheldonian, was roundly booed, and went away again. John Smith orated and was cheered beyond his worth. The University Left Forum continues to keep us in loving harmony; the Fabians have had over 50 visitors three times this term; the Labour club has trawled a good crop of first year members.

I owe many people a lot of thanks: to the people who bought issue two, and caused it to sell out; to everyone who sold copies; to everyone who wrote this time at such short notice, especially the freshers who volunteered articles blindly; to Oliver Pooley, John Armstrong and Ben Dalby for the only light entertainment midst the worthiness; and especially to Chris for typing half of it, finding the words to Solidarity Forever! and hassling people for articles.

This issue is far too academic, almost devoid of humour, and with faults like chasms. As ever, I'd appreciate feedback, suggestions, requests and comments. If you don't like it, please write something better (something funny please!) for the next issue rather than dismiss the whole enterprise as a folly. Send anything, however nasty, brutish or short, to me at Balliol.

Ben Fender.


Seminaries of Vice (Sara Smith)

Poem: Oxford Town (Ben Dalby)

May 1968: Then and Now (David Renton)

Simric Says... (Sim Yarrow)

I Hate Supermarkets (Ben Dalby)

The Case for the Labour Club (Jeremy Benson)

Radical Democracy and Postmodern Politics (Jon Wilson)

Labour Pains: Exciting Parts Are Not Enough (Chris Brooke)

Song: I Should Be So Lefty (John A*******g)

Lords Without Manners (Alex Grant)

Thums Up For Female Literacy (Raj Patel)

A Rejection of Extremism (James Mackintosh)

Squeezing the Rich until the Pips Squeak? (George Speight)

Song: Solidarity Forever! (Ralph Chaplin)






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