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Michaelmas Term 1994

Thumb on the eyeball and knee on the chest!


Like world revolution, the Turtle always arrives later than we expect, but this one is here at last, heralding the new dawn of popular victory in Sri Lanka, East Berlin and Somerville.

Thanks to everyone who has bought a copy in the past, and thanks for reading this now -- but extra potent ideology-points to our four new writers -- Joe, Anne, Richard and Dan -- and thanks to everyone else who has helped to bring this Chelonian Beast to birth, especially Dave Renton, John Armstrong and Ben Fender for knowing how Pagemaker works. Ben refuses to sign this issue because he is so embarrassed by one of the songs.

For the unhappy few who don't share our extremely reasonable fondness for Scripture, Soviets and Slogans, the Voice of the Turtle is to be found in the Song of Solomon; Atheist at the Machine Tool is a regrettably-defunct 1920s Russian publication; the stirring battle-cry on the cover was coined by Lassalle and later taken up by Rosa Luxemburg just before she was shot.

And to make this Turtle even better value for money, we've included an unabridged Socialist Classic free with the articles: all eleven Theses on Feuerbach. Watch out for the Anti-Dühring, coming soon!

We say this every term, but this time there really is a real chance of a second issue before Christmas, so get writing this week, Send articles, poems, replies, criticism, anything to me or Ben at Balliol and thereby make us happy.

Avanti popolo!

Chris Brooke.


Is Sir Gordon Borrie a Popular Hero? (Chris Brooke)

Poem: Fantasy (Joe Winkley)

What Lies at the End of the Rainbow Coalition? (Ben Fender)

Ten ways to avoid buying revolutionary newspapers (A Comrade)

For the Sake of Argument (Richard Adams)

The Closing of the Student Mind (Raj Patel)

Chelonian Wordsearch: Celebrated Reactionaries

Sun, Sea, Sand and Stonings (Anne Alexander)

Song: An Irish Trot Song

Theodore Zeldin: Postmodernist or Kettledrummer? (George Speight)

Cardinal Newman: An Antidote to the New Philistinism? (Joe Guinan)

Song: Homer Eroticism (The Burnley and Pendle Baader-Meinhof Gang)

Saturday SWP Shop (Dan Gordon)

Monty Python's Flying Picket (David Renton)

The Theses on Feuerbach (Karl Marx)






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